Friday, August 26, 2011

Happily Ever After

I want to share a story with you....
Once upon a time there lived a young boy who was born and raised in Connecticut.  He did all the things boys do and he had quite an adverturous spirit.  Once it was time to fly the coop, that spirit led him to California to pursue a career as a stuntman.  That career choice didn't pan out. His adventurous spirit and his love for the sea called to him and so he went to the College of Oceaneering to pursue a commercial diving career.  A good match.  One thing led to another and he became a vessel master!

Once upon another time there lived a young girl who was born and raised in sunny, California.  She did all the things that girls do and dreamed of being married, living in the country and having a large family.  When it was time for her to fly the coop she attended Califonia State University Northridge.  She would come home each weekend to spend time with her beloved mother and "favorite Daddy" (he was her only Daddy!)
On her way to her father's home, her car made a horrendous noise and all the red lights lit up on the dashboard!  Good thing there was a gas station around the corner.  She limped her car there and waited for help.

First one young man came and inquired about her trouble.  He went inside and then another young man came to her.  He also inquired about her trouble and looked under the hood to see if he could fix it.  They talked while he worked and got to know eachother a bit.  When all was fixed and she was ready to leave she gave him her phone number (GASP!)  He was such a gentleman and she could tell that he genuinely just wanted to help her and wasn't going to push his way and ask her for it.  There was something very different about this young man!

When she returned home that night, there was a phone message from "her knight in shining armor".  They talked on the phone until almost midnight.  When they hung up - she knew.  This one is THE one!!  1 month later he asked for her hand in marriage.  9 months later on August 27, 1988 they celebrated a beautiful day (Probably one of the hottest - 105!)  being united in marriage.

So you see - dreams do come true and we are living happily ever after in the country with a large family.  I am so blessed to be married to the man of my dreams who loves the Lord, loves me and loves his children so passionately. 
Happy 23rd Anniversary to my knight in shining armor!

Eric and Carol ~ August 27, 1988

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Blanchet

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  1. Love the photos! You, dear Carol, ARE STUNNING! Whoa! A sweet love story!


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