Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A "Sweet" Gift

One of the ladies from my church gave me a "sweet" gift for my baby shower gift. She promised to make a batch of cookies for my family once per month for a year. So I guess you could say that we are in the "cookie of the month club"! Just this last Sunday, we received our 3rd batch - molasses cookies (My favorite!!) Now you might be saying, "Oh, that's very nice, but what's the big deal about a batch of cookies?", but this gal knows how to make cookies! They are huge (probably 4" in diameter) every one of them...AND there's enough for my large family to have several each. We enjoy them and ooh and ahh over how yummy they are. They don't last long in our home. Then several weeks later my faithful cookie maker friend delivers a new batch to us.
It's such a fun treat to have our cookie jar stocked with a new type of cookie each month. It's such a simple thing, really, but such a blessing!

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