Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a Girl...and another girl!!

This year's kidding was so easy! Only two of our does ended up kidding and each one only gave us one - each a girl. The first one was very large - about 10 lbs. We named her Judith (Point Judith in Rhode Island). About three days later the second doe gave us one much smaller - only about 5 lbs. She looks like a little Pygmy goat. We named her May (Cape May, New Jersey) Now we have Southern California, Hawaii, Northern California and now East Coast beaches right in our own backyard.
They are soooo fun! They've been separated from their mamas since a week after they were born. It's been so nice to only have 6 bottles a day (3 each) instead of 30 from the last time!!

They follow Eric around like he is David, the sheperd boy. They LOVE to play together. Baby goats are just so cute!!

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