Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up is Down - Down is Up?

Ok - so on top of all the birthdays we are getting ready for kidding season. We have eight goats. Three of our does went on "holiday". We know that two are due in March, but aren't sure about the third. (We suspect, not.)

Last summer we built a new barn and moved the 8 x 8 cedar shed (read "milk room") up next to the new barn from the lower part of the property. It didn't fare too well in that move so Eric has been making repairs. We borrowed a boom truck from our neighbor so that the roof of the milk room could be lifted off, the walls squared up, then the roof replaced. Sounds easy enough, right?
Let me say, NO ONE was hurt and NOTHING was broken! Amazing! Another neighbor came to our rescue with his tow truck and chains and helped Eric right this huge truck. So - now we start again. Pray for good weather on the weekend and see if we can't get our milk room in fine order before the babies arrive.

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