Friday, December 18, 2009

Bathroom Make-over

I'll spare you the disgusting details as to why we had a bathroom make-over. My sweet husband, who shall be named, Mr. Fix-it, removed the toilet, old vanity, molding, doors, vinyl flooring and sub-flooring, in order to thoroughly clean and be sure the concrete floor was completely dry. Once it was totally clean and dry in there Mr. Fix-it painted. Not that it needed it, but we figured why not freshen it up while the whole thing is gutted. He then installed new sub-floor, new vinyl (I'm amazed at the quality of vinyl these days - ours looks exactly like large travertine tiles - so cool.) potty, and a new, bigger vanity, molding and doors. Our friend, who has a granite business (shameless plug here - Old World Granite does a FABULOUS job - he does impeccable work, quickly and with little mess - thank you, Jesse!) installed a beautiful piece of granite and an under-mount Kohler sink. Mr. Fix-it installed new lighting that was proportional to the new size vanity, hung the mirror and.....voila!

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