Friday, November 27, 2009


To me holidays mean tradition. Our holidays are filled with them. One very special one is making Varenky. Don't know what varenky are? It's noodle dough stuffed with potato filling (mashed potatoes with farmer's cheese and bacon.) They are then boiled. After they are pulled from the boiling water they are placed in a large bowl with butter....LOTS OF BUTTER. They are delicious, filling and NOT a low calorie - low cholesterol food! Eric's "Little Grammy" came straight from the old country of the Ukraine and taught him how to make them when he was a young boy. He has made them for our family and the kids love to help him. It's quite a labor of love because it's a time consuming endeavor. Usually I make the potato filling ahead of time so that when Eric comes home from work he can roll up his sleeves and make varenky until - well - midnight. This year Sarah and Caleb decided that they would make them! All those years of Eric teaching the little tricks paid off. She and Caleb did a fabulous job.

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