Friday, August 25, 2017

A Saturday celebration


The days are passing so quickly!  I have not had the opportunity to blog - not even about a very special day. 

We just celebrated Sarah's 26th birthday.   

She is so busy as well, working two jobs and getting ready for a major move to California that we were all so glad that our schedules meshed for a day to celebrate her special day together (a day early!)  

It was a relaxing day.  The weather was sunny and warm, but with a breeze, and we all just chatted and chilled for a good part of the afternoon.

It was more challenging to decide on the perfect gift for her this year with an impending move.
The little girls gave her goodies for a "spa night".  They hoped she would enjoy that after a long work day.

Daniel gave her a Starbuck's card - because.... COFFEE!

Hannah gave her bunny salt and pepper shakers, which will look darling on her table in her new home.

Matthew gave her movie tickets for the two of them to have a sibling date.

And Eric and I gave her a skateboard!

Sadly, Sarah's old board was in her car, when her car was stolen -

so, of course, she needed a new one!
Eric built this board for her and picked out classic Star Wars grip tape.  It's pretty perfect!

Recently, Sarah was over on Pizza Night.  I made a gluten free crust, and she loved it.  She said it was the first pizza she had eaten since her diagnosis of Celiacs, AND she also said it was so nice to come eat here, knowing it was safe.  That meant the world to me, and I am so glad I can be a blessing to her.

Banana splits are gluten free!  (well, do be sure you read labels, you might be surprised, gluten is in weird places, but it wasn't here!)

Twenty-six!  It's hard to believe our first born is 26 already!
She's fun, and silly and hard-working and strong.  We are going to miss her so much when she moves!  We pray this next chapter of her life will unfold with good things.

- Carol

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