Saturday, July 29, 2017

365 challenge - weeks 28 and 29 and life lately


Have you ever taken on something only to discover that it wasn't what or how you thought it would be - or maybe that it was too difficult?  

Well, I have decided that this 365 photo challenge is not a good fit for me.  While I have enjoyed it, it has also been really difficult to carve out the needed time.  Frankly, my time is currently needed elsewhere.  

To give an attempt of a feeling of completion, I thought I would post the remaining photos that I have taken so far - of course, a few are missing, in true Carol fashion. 😉  I also thought that instead of completely stopping, I would try to switch to a 52 week challenge.  Just one photo per week.  I think that might be more manageable for me, but I'm not making any promises.  

Week 28
[ 191/365 - full ]

[ 192/365 - shadows ]

[ 193/365 - a self portrait ]

[ 194/365 - noon ]

[ 196/365 - five ]

- Week 29 -
[ 197/365 - little ]

 [ 198/365 - negative space ]

[ 201/365 - free choice ]

[ 202/365 - rule of thirds ]

[ 203/365 - my guilty pleasure ]

So there you go.  I hope you've enjoyed the photos.  I enjoyed taking them.  😊

. . . . . 

It's hard to believe it is the end of July!  We have worked hard (really, really hard) each weekend, and we were at it again this weekend too, but we moved all the wood and chipped all the downed branches and the front is completed!  It will be so nice to have a very good supply of firewood for this season and hopefully a few seasons to come.  There were times that I thought of the pioneers of Little House on the Prairie era and how no matter how tired and sore they were, they just kept working day after day to complete their necessary projects.   I'm glad we just worked on the weekends.  Can I just say how thankful I am to the Lord for a month of no rain? !

. . . . . 

Hannah has enrolled at the local community college for the fall.  It's such an exciting new season for her.  She is busy applying for scholarships - lots and lots of scholarships!  It's a funny thing, beginning in May she applied to probably twenty jobs in hopes for a summer job, but no one will hire her.  No experience.  Don't you love that catch-22?  - no hire - no experience - no experience - no hire.  
Well, God knows what He is doing.  Because Hannah does not have a job, she has time to apply for the scholarships.  She is diligently writing essays and in some cases making videos.

Seriously there are so many scholarships out there.  It's a big goal - apply for 100 scholarships.  You know, if she won 10% of them, she may have all of her college expenses covered!  What a blessing that would be since we don't qualify for financial aid, and we are not a debt kind of family.  

She has decided to claim photography as her major. 😀  With the way social media marketing is going and our new family endeavor she (and Eric and I) feel it's a smart choice. 

. . . . . 

I'm beginning to plan for the upcoming school year.  I've got all the subjects/curricula for each child, but now I must plan the details of how and when.  I'm looking forward to our year, but glad we still have some summer left.  I'm definitely not feeling prepared or ready. 

. . . . . 

If you've been reading here for a while then you know Hannah has digestive issues.  IBS, but nothing defined beyond that.  She's had so many tests, none of them really pointing to anything specific. She has an endoscopy scheduled a week from Monday.  We would covet your prayers.  We are hoping for answers, but at the same time I'll be honest,  not finding anything means they aren't finding big, scary things either.  I do so want my girl to have relief!  I pray for the Lord's strength to carry us through.  

. . . . . 

Summer Success...
 Mary learned to ride a bike without training wheels! 
Where did the baby go? 

. . . . . 

A reader recently made a comment that my life seemed quite crazy and chaotic.  You know, it kind of is right now, but no worries, I promise, we do take time out to smell the roses!  😀

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Until next time
- Carol

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