Friday, June 16, 2017

365 photo challenge - week 23

Hello Everyone.  
In true Carol fashion, I am running a bit behind on posting the photo challenge pictures.  These were the ones I took for last week.  I am missing a couple, but I'll try to get them this week (even though there are only a couple days left of this week. 😵 )

[ 155/365 - local ]
This children's museum is FAB.

[ 156/365 - what I'm reading ]
This is our summer reading goal poster that the girls made.  For every 15 minutes of read aloud time (each one of them to me, and I to them), we put a sticker on the rainbow.  When the rainbow is completely filled, everyone will get an ice cream treat.

[ 158/365 - feet ]
 Freshly painted little toes.

[ 159/365 - I cherish this ]
I cherish my littlest one, I cherish that she sees the world with such wonder, and I cherish that she picks flowers for me each time she goes outside.

[ 160/365 - self portrait ]
This challenge has so many self portrait prompts.  They are not my favorite.  I find them to be the most challenging not just because I am the subject and the photographer, but finding creative backdrops and positions is also a challenge.  And...I'm just not comfortable in front of the camera. Selfies (unless with others to document an event or occasion) are just not my thing.

. . . .

Today is Hannah and Matthew's last day on the East Coast.  We'll pick them up at the airport tomorrow morning, and I am so looking forward to hugging them and hearing all about the adventures they had.  It's such a different dynamic when people are missing.

- Carol

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