Tuesday, May 16, 2017

365 photo challenge - week 19


Here's week 19's photos.

[ 127/365 - free choice ]
It has become tradition since Eric's first race at Maryhill that Hannah wears fairy wings.  She wanted to be sure Eric could find her in the spectator crowd as he zoomed by.  Everyone loves it. Now she is known as @thatskatefairy.

[ 128/365 - mom ]
My mom is THE BEST.  enough said.

[129/365 - on my table ]

[ 130/365 - hidden ]
peacocks are beautiful.

[ 131/365 - love ]

[ 132/365 - time ]
jacuzzi time!

[ 133/365 - green ]
 It's her favorite color...because turtles are green!

I took my camera everywhere we went, looking like an absolute tourist!  (Never mind the fact that I am a true blue California girl having been born there.) But it paid off since I got a lot of great shots for the memory books - and variety for this challenge.

I am determined to always shoot on manual mode, which equates to always fiddling with the settings. I think the results are best, but the hard part is that sometimes the shots are missed because the opportunity has passed.  I guess you appreciate the "great" shots all the more, right?

My favorite lens to shoot with is my zoom (55x300) It's a long lens and heavy.  I am still unsure if my photos aren't tack sharp due to user error or if I need to send my lens in to the repair shop.  I did all the calibration tests and it is configured correctly.  It could be that I am standing too close to my subject (I find that my style tends to be close ups) but I need to remember to stand back and zoom in (ie learn more about focal length).  Or because it is a heavy lens I need to use a higher shutter speed (I know that a tripod would help, but that isn't always possible.)
Perhaps, because the lens has a hard time with all the focus points when there are layers in the photos - (foreground or background or subject?) There is a focus lock feature that I can use to help with this...I just need to remember to use it.  

Always learning, and hopefully, always improving.

See you next Monday with week 20.

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