Tuesday, May 30, 2017

365 challenge - week 20

Hi there,

Another week of photos... 

[ 134/365 - stripes ]
A Grammie with her grandson - both wearing stripes.  :-) 

[ 135/365 - baby ]
and a super cute one at that!

[ 136/365 - season ]
We've had some sunny days in the 80's.  That means it's iced coffee season!

[ 137/365 - knot ]
Hannah graduated from our homeschool.  (see here to read all about it.)

[ 138/365 - my favorite time of day ]
I love sunsets because my gramma loved sunsets.   Of course the best ones were seen at the beach, but sometimes she would go the top level of a parking structure and watch them there because they couldn't be seen from her apartment.  Sometimes it was a race to get there in time, because once the sun starts to set, it goes down quickly.  Her enthusiasm to watch such beauty was inspiring to me.  She was a sunset chaser, and taught me to be one too.  

[ 139/365 - bubbles ]

[ 140/365 - macro ] 

Have you seen anything unusual or interesting lately?   Photo challenges are good for that.  😊

- Carol

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  1. It looks like a great week for photos for you! The smiles say it all. Congrats to the graduate, too! I do love the fantastic sky you captured.

  2. I love your story about sunset chasing, what an inspiration!


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