Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hello and happy spring,

Ever since the happening of all the February birthdays and fake birthdays, Mary Anne had been counting down the days until hers.   

Tuesday, March 21st, bright and early, before everyone headed off to work... gifts.
(She's even still in her nightgown!)

Sea turtles are Mary Anne's absolute favorite thing.  A sea turtle kite from her California Grammy was just right.  We are all looking forward to some warm beach days!

Because turtles are her favorite, green is her favorite color. 💚😀

 Ellie wrote her a special story about sea turtles.  Sarah helped by laminating and binding it for us.

Grandpa found a skateboarding turtle sweatshirt.  Pretty perfect.

Grammy found her favorite t-shirt, in a bigger size!  (She was super sad to have outgrown the other one.)

Daniel began putting together the doll house we gave her.  He is a great big brother. The girls played with it all day long.

She requested lasagna and French bread for birthday dinner.
Chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream for dessert.

This birthday seems the turning point in our "baby" days. Now that she is six, it really does feel different.  Somehow six feels so "big girl" to me.  Maybe it's because she has to hold up two hands to display her age, or maybe it's just all the milestones that are happening, or maybe it's because the last remnant of babyhood days are her booster seat for the car, and a few sippy cups in the cupboard.

Mary is marked by a sweet disposition and a joyful heart.  She is also tender-hearted and teachable, and for that I am so thankful.

So - here's to six and the many blessings this next year will hold for her (and for her daddy and me as we watch her grow - in size, in character, and in the knowledge of our great God.)

- Carol

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