Sunday, February 12, 2017

Life lately

Hi Friends, 

It's a funny thing.  I am not a good craft mom, but I am so enjoying our Funday Mondays. 

A couple of weeks ago we studied texture, and used some ordinary objects to see what kind of texture they would/could create.

It was quite interesting to see how each one of the kids approaches the challenge.

. . . . . 

This week we took a break from art, and did a little crafting instead. 😲
We made Valentine's cards. 💗💟

All those old scrapbooking supplies come to use now and again.

. . . . . 

Ellie has also been crafting.  She has learned how to felt, thanks to a kit that Caleb gave her for Christmas.

 The little bird was created from a kit given to her from her great aunt for her birthday last year.

Ellie does well with hand crafts, and she really enjoys doing them. I love that.  I need to dig through my supplies to find some new projects for her... and the other little girls too.

. . . . .

And a little fun for me too.  I found these bar stools at a local store.  On sale too!

They match the painted dining room chairs perfectly!  The kids LOVE sitting at the counter and that has made school a bit more exciting too.  Yay.

. . . . .

Date night is Tuesdays.  It started because the local theater has "Tight-wad Tuesday" - where tickets are half price.   Eric and I have kept Tuesdays as our date night.  Sometimes we go out for dinner, but this last date we went to see  Hidden Figures.  Have you heard of it?  It was fabulous!  I highly recommend it.

. . . . .

We are entering into birthday season with Daniel's golden birthday starting it off on Tuesday/ Valentine's Day.  It's gonna be a crazy couple of weeks!

Happy Valentine's Day.💕
- Carol

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