Friday, January 6, 2017

The 12th Night Ball

Hi Friends,

For Christmas Eric gave me a back drop kit, and the other day I had the perfect opportunity to use it. 
Daniel and Hannah were attending a fancy ball: The Twelfth Night Ball.

Throughout the summer, Daniel and Hannah enjoyed learning how to dance.  Their favorite is swing, but they have learned the waltz, the two-step, the polka, the salsa, and some others too.
The "12th Night Ball" is the culmination.

 Hannah found the gown on line.  Gramma gave it to her for Christmas. 😊
It fit beautifully.  All it needed was to be hemmed.  It actually came with a train so hemming was a little stressful tricky.

This is Hannah's Glamour Shot - Napoleon Dynamite style.
Daniel wanted a spy pose.

They wanted to match so we found Daniel a purple dress shirt.  For Christmas Hannah made Daniel the bow-tie (the kind you have to tie.)  and gave him black suspenders too.

They both had been looking forward to this ball and were super excited!  A photo for Instagram.

The ball was held at the Feather Ballroom in Snohomish.

This is the instructor with her husband.

These were my best shots, but still blurry due to low light, and lots of movement, but you get the idea.  They had such a great time.

I am glad they had fun, but I am even more thankful for their relationship that has grown and strengthened.  It brings such joy to my mother's heart that my children are each other's best friends.

- Carol


  1. What a precious post! The photo's are great. Family is a precious thing.
    You are blessed.
    Did you know about the Fabulous January Party? It's over here at Our Holiday Journey...
    Check out me birthday giveaway. I'm tallying points. Comments and links count!
    Come and join the parties this year!

    1. Aw, thanks Grantham Lynn. Yes, family IS a precious thing. Thank you for inviting me to your January party and give-away. I will check them out. :-)
      - Carol

  2. Lovely, informative, creative, and so inspiring - and, I'm just talking about this blog. I haven't found the words yet for you!

    Big Bro


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