Monday, January 30, 2017

365 photo challenge - week 4

Good Morning!

Caleb was home for the weekend - YAY!  We hadn't seen him since Christmas - far too long, in my mama opinion, but I know the drive is long and sometimes wearying, and I appreciate so much that he is willing to come as often as he does.  It felt like old times, he sitting on the kitchen counter, I making coffee drinks for the both of us, and just chatting about what's on his heart and mine.  The time he is here is always too short!

. . . . . 

Here are my photos from last week. This challenge is certainly making me think through so many things.  One thing I am seeing is that I am not getting crisp, sharp images, so I am trying to figure out what I am doing - or not doing. 

[22-365 my Saturday morning ]
Yes, I am completely spoiled.  For all or our married life, Eric has cooked breakfast on the weekend.
#husbandskillz  #besthusbandever

[23-365 - crisp ]
 the temps are still chilly, but have warmed up some in the last week.

[24-365 - negative space ]

[ 25-365 - a pair ]
 a chicken update post is forthcoming...

[ 26-365 my view today ]
 much needed loads of gravel for our driveway.

[ 27-365 - candid ]
 A photoshoot with Hannah...a secret shot before we got started.

[28-365 - white on white ]

My days are spent mostly at home - homeschooling and homekeeping.  Sometimes for me the challenge is to purpose to go somewhere to look for subject matter.  When that just isn't possible, the challenge can be to see my "ordinary" in a new way.
Then there is decisions for ISO, white balance, depth of field, appeture, speed, rule of thirds...
I'm learning so much though.

One thing that I have found can be a little disappointing is that when I preview my photos on my camera, they seem good (ie the lighting and focus), but then when I am home and I view them on my computer, I find that they were either too light or too dark or the subject isn't as crisp and I had thought it was.
I know I could edit my photos, but I has always been my goal to not rely on that, but rather take exceptional photographs that don't need editing.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for visiting today.
- Carol

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  1. I love your negative space shot!

    1. Thanks Tamar SB. I always enjoy visiting your site. :-)


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