Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 - A year in review

Happy New Year Everyone!

A fresh calendar page greets us with joy and hope of good things to come.  Who knows what this year will bring.    What if.....?  It's fun to think of the fun possibilities and adventure that could fill in that blank.

2- 0- 1- 7 - that just seems crazy to me, and yet here it is ready or not!

I find with each passing year, I ask the question, where does the time go?  (More importantly, really is, am I doing the things that really matter with that time?) Anyway to satisfy that question I thought I'd do a year in review post.  So here was our 2016

. . . 

We kicked off the year with a family adventure day to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island

We went to a friend's senior violin recital. (She is a-mazing!)

The rest of the month was interspersed with piano lessons for Hannah and eye therapy for Ellie.

. . . 

February is our birthday month.
on Valentine's Day Daniel entered the teen years. 13!  
We celebrated here at home,

and then Eric, Daniel, and I drove to Portland so that Daniel could spend a couple of days with Caleb (and we could deliver a bed to him too.)

Three days later Eric celebrated another revolution around the sun. 

Then this sweet girl turned 7.  Frozen yogurt with the fam.

And Caleb turned 22.  
 He was up here for Abbie's birthday so we celebrated his too! 

. . . 

We had an adventure day to a museum with friends.

The baby turned 5!

and Eric was awarded the Curb the Congestion Commuter Champ of the Year Award.
That was kind of fun to have people recognize and admire him for longboarding!

. . . 

More adventures (a museum and other places in Seattle) with friends.

My bestie came for a visit.

And Matthew entered into a new score of years.
We celebrated his 20th birthday with an outing at the ice rink.

 an impromptu beach day because...warm sunshine!

. . . 

We began the month with a family beach day (again - warm sunshine!)

Eric, Hannah and I made a trip to Bellingham to see my FAVORITE band. (Switchfoot)

and we had a fun visit from my brother who was out from Colorado.

. . . 

We planted our garden.

Ellie turned double digits. (10)

We drove to Maryhill for Eric's first longboard race there.

We had a visit from our niece from Connecticut.

We also started swim lessons.

We said good-bye to a very special friend. (97 years old!)

. . . 

We went to the EMP museum in Seattle

We picked blueberries, Hannah, Ana, and Daniel took a self defense class, and we went swimming with friends at the local pool. 
We finished up swim lessons, said good-bye to our niece, and headed for Portland for a visit with Caleb and the Mt.Tabor race.

. . . 

Our oldest turned 25.

We made a visit to Jetty Island for "Find a float" (which we did not!)

Eric and I celebrated our 28th anniversary! 💗

. . . 

Hannah and I took a quick trip to Cali.

and we met my bestie's first grandson. 💙

We started up with school again.  (my twentieth year!)

 Eric and the big kids headed to Maryhill for the Fall Free ride.

Oh, and Abbie broke her arm. (poor dear!)

. . . 

Ellie got four Buff Orpington chicks. (to her utter delight!)

I turned 50!
Family came in from out of town especially to celebrate.
My dad's birthday and mine are only a week apart (plus thirty years) so we celebrated both! 

While in town, Mom and Bill took Daniel on a huge zip line (as a special 13th year event.)

Hannah and I got to meet Danielle Walker at a book signing.

Eric and I flew to Colorado to help my brother and father move into this wonderful new home.

. . . 

I made candles and had a very successful sale.  (All sold - Thank you so much!)

Karen came to visit!  (three visits in one year - YES!)

Eric and I went to coffee roasting classes in British Columbia.

We discovered that Eric is suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica.
so LOTS of doctors appointments throughout the month.  (more on that in another post.)

and we celebrated Thanksgiving with our dear friends. 

. . . 

Hannah turned 18!

Ellie, Abbie, and Mary sang in the children's choir for Christmas.

We baked and frosted lots of cookies.
and we had a beautiful Christmas!

Those were the highlights of the year.  Even though we experienced some tough times too, God gave us the strength we needed.  He always does. 

Thanks for going down memory lane with me.  

 - Carol 

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