Monday, December 19, 2016


Hi Friends, 

Recently, we celebrated a milestone birthday.  Hannah turned eighteen!  It's crazy to think that now our fourth has entered into adulthood.  

A handmade card from a younger sister...

Little sparkly boxes that arrive in the mail...

Fun socks for the fun socks girl.

A papa so proud of his birthday girl.

Once Eric and Matt left for work, Hannah asked me to do a quick photo shoot.  :-) 

I am always happy to take her pictures.  She makes it fun, and usually has an idea in mind of a look she is wanting.  Not only do I have fun with her, but she helps me grow as a photographer.

Later that evening she had a few friends come for dinner and games.

She wanted the night to just be casual and easy.  She planned a simple menu:
Soup (in mugs) with corn chips.  Raw veggies and dip.  Hot cocoa bar.

She'd been wanting a ukulele for a long, long time. (Matt went it on it with one of her friends.)

The night before Hannah and Daniel had decorated downstairs.

Game Time (a combo of Taboo and Charades) made for a LOT of laughter and fun memories.

A "photo booth" of sorts.

It might as well have been Ellie's birthday because she was so happy to be able to stay up with the big kids and play the games too.

Hannah made a "safe cake" and while I must admit this may not look beautiful - don't be fooled because it tasted amazing.

She made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for her guests.

This has been a difficult year for Hannah with the trial of continuing health issues.  It has tested her character, but it has grown her spiritually.  Her attitude isn't "why God?", but rather, "God, what do you want me to learn from this?"  She draws strength from the verses that speak of God as her source of strength. There have been days that are incredibly discouraging and yet she remains cheerful and willing to serve wherever is needed in our home.  She NEVER complains!  Hannah means "graceful". She has often joked that she is one to trip and be clumsy and how her name doesn't really fit her, but I believe it does.  There is more than one way to be graceful and she demonstrates that daily.
I can honestly say that she is one of my closest friends, and I can not tell you what a privilege and honor that is to not only be her mom, but friend too.
I love you, Hannah so so so so much.

- Carol


  1. I love Hannah so much too.

  2. Thank you for sharing her birthday celebration -- I wish I could have been part of it with you all. Hannah is a very SPECIAL young lady, you are blessed to have such a sweet daughter and friend. <3

    1. Karen,
      I am so thankful for your input in her life. She is blessed to have an Aunty K. and share a special friendship with you.

  3. She sounds like a true lady! Happy birthday to her, congratulations to you!


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