Sunday, December 11, 2016

A winter wonderland

Hi Friends,

What is it about snow that is so fun and exciting?  Especially with Christmas just two weeks away.
The children wake up with glee and excitement in their voices and begging eyes..."can we pleeeeeease go out in the snow?"

Thursday night our Bible study had a Christmas party.  Snow was forecast for the evening. All day Thursday we watched the weather forecast, not knowing if Bible study would be cancelled or not.   The children were so excited at the prospect of snow.  Their anticipation kept building throughout the day, but the wind picked up and seemed to dry the air.   The weathermen kept moving the time frame later and later.  We enjoyed a fun night of good food and fellowship, and made it home on dry, bare roads.  Eric and I were kinda thankful for that. 
We went to bed a bit doubtful that it was going to snow. 

But ... we woke up to a snow globe.  😊  It wasn't deep, but deep enough to play in.
Eric called a snow day for the kids!  (He's a great principal that way.)  He called a snow day for himself also.  😊

The wind remained steady and it looked a bit blizzard-like at times, especially as it blew the accumulated snow from the roof.  It was crazy cold (especially for having to dig a big pit first!) 

All bundled up, the kids enjoyed building snowmen, making snow angels, and sledding all day.

I think that fresh snow, with no footprints or tire treads is beautiful.  Like a white woolen blanket, it covers everything, and hushes and muffles the sounds all around, making it feel so peaceful.  But I have to say, I like it best when my loved ones are home and safe.
Matt didn't have the privilege of taking a snow day.  He had to brave the slick roads.
S - L - O - W   and   S - N - O - W   rhyme!
Eric grew up driving in the snow.  He knows how to handle it confidently.  Me?  I'm a California girl, I have no experience.  Even after living here in the PNW for over twenty years.  When snow comes, I just stay home and enjoy it. There has never been anything so urgent, that I couldn't reschedule. (Trust me, it's drivers like me, you don't want driving in the snow.  I am sparing you the headache.  😉 )

I have mixed feelings about wishing for it for Christmas.  We've only ever had a couple of "white Christmases".  They are magical. Snow on Christmas is festive and fun, but it does complicate traveling.  Caleb will be here for the Christmas weekend, but will need to head home to Portland Christmas night. Matt will need to work the next day as well.
It makes me long for the classic Dickens scene of Victorian dressed gentlemen bundled up in a one horse open sleigh and wishing that could work for them.

Looking at the snow outside makes me thankful for the warmth inside.  Warm coffee, cocoa, and soup to warm us up from the inside.  A wood stove that radiates heat and thaws out cold fingers and toes, and hot water for showers.  Speaking of which, we discovered this morning that our water heater decided to give its last ounce of hot.  😲 Matt said his shower was painfully cold, and that his normal towel felt like an electric blanket compared to the cold!
You know... everything hinges on hot water - showers, dishes, meal prep, laundry.  So that thought of idyllic Victorians riding in sleighs pales when I think of the modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and HOT water!  Perspective is everything, isn't it?

- Carol


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  1. Is the water heater fixed? I'm so sorry for that hassle :/ no fun


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