Monday, September 12, 2016

1st day of school

A couple of weeks before we start back to school, we usually try to work on a good bedtime routine which begins with after dinner chores, jammies on, teeth brushed, and settling in for a bit of our evening read-aloud.  (Right now, it's Little Britches by Ralph Moody.)

But even with the best bedtime routine, sometimes it's just hard to wake up.

This year, I remembered to snap a few "first day of school" photos. 

We eased into things this morning.  Monday is FUNday with history and art.  The little girls and I also baked an Apple Crisp, while Hannah and Daniel worked on their subjects.
It always takes a week or so to work out the bugs and kinks of a new schedule, but we are looking forward to this new school year and routine.  

It's a unique year.  Hannah is a senior, it's Dan's last year in junior high, and our baby begins kindergarten.  Time marches forward at quick pace.  I am so thankful I get to be home with them working and learning and having fun.  It's a blessed life!

~ Carol

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  1. So much fun taking those photos and the first day of school was pretty fun! :)


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