Tuesday, July 12, 2016


For someone who claims to love photography, I sure didn't pull my camera out very much during our niece's recent visit.  

We tried to make her almost two-week stay a nice mix of activity and time to chill.
The weather took "chilling" literally as it didn't seem to get above 70 degrees and... lots of rain.  
So - even though Ana packed along her roller skates for much anticipated park days, we did a lot of this instead.  Who knew the one supply I'd really need on hand was HOT chocolate?!

sleeping in - reading - watching The Dick Van Dyke Show  - napping - museum visiting - blueberry picking - firework watching - swimming - church attending - eating - visiting - eating - visiting. 
That about sums up her stay.  

And in true Blanchet style - here are our "we need to get a group picture" pictures...

Though we live on opposite coasts - crazy family traits run deep.  She fit right in! She headed home last last night.  We are all missing her already.

Take time to hug the ones you love!  Time passes way too quickly.

~ Carol  

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