Monday, June 6, 2016

Salon Day and Donuts

This is Emily, our hairstylist, and we love her. 
That makes it sound like we get haircuts often, but we don't.  Only Matthew is on Emily's monthly calendar.  In an effort to stretch our dollars, we've always just buzzed the boys' hair until they had their own source of income, and then they could choose a style and have the means for upkeep.  

We let the girls grow their hair long with an occasional trim. 
But it was time!  Everyone needed one.  We booked Em's whole afternoon. 

Matthew suggested a hair style for Daniel - (not that he has a job - so we'll see how this one goes - as far as up-keep...)
So big brother texted Em with the description.  "High and tight on the sides with it longer on top."

She talked with Daniel about it a little to be sure he'd get what he wanted. 

Her arsenal! That's some serious scissor business!

First one (out of six) done.  What do you think?  

Next came Ellie.  Her hair is very thick and it was getting hard for her to shampoo it and keep it tangle free. 
With the start of summer, we figured let's go short and donate to Locks of Love.
My dearest friend's son died of brain cancer when he only 14.  You can read about Brady here.  By donating hair, that for us grows so easily, we feel like we can bless and encourage others who may be going through difficult cancer treatments.  

This is seriously, the BEST part of it all! 

Emily wanted the girls to really enjoy their day at the salon -so she even styled their hair.

She thinned Ellie's hair too.

And now it's light and bouncy - and Ellie is so happy.

Next was Mary Anne.  She still has baby fine hair.  "Because Me be da baby!"

8" is all that is needed to donate.  

Abbie was the most excited about the whole thing.  She talked of it days before our appointment, and that smile never left her face the whole time!

With the younger kids done, it was my turn. 
 My hair had gotten long.

Hannah and Daniel were helping to keep the little girls happy (because by now, we'd been there about four hours - so no photos of me getting a haircut.  I'm really ok with that!)

Hannah's turn. 
Her last haircut was in September.  It had grown quite a bit! 

That head massage though!

Meanwhile, Ellie and Mary Anne were playing "hairstylist".

Then because they are all girly girls... Emily sprayed sparkles in their hair. 
Because, again, Emily is the BEST!

Emily's sister, Amanda also works in the salon doing all the scheduling. We love these girls. 

And here we all are with significantly less hair! 

 And because it was also National Doughnut Day - Eric AND Matt both brought home donuts.  

So - haircuts and donuts for the WIN!  :-)



  1. Everyone looks so CUTE!! (Well except Daniel... SO handsome!) You are all READY for summer now!! The smiles on your littles' faces is PRECIOUS!
    Thanks for donating to Locks of Love in Brady's honor :-) xo from CA

    1. The girls are loving their short hair. I like that donating to Locks of Love helps them to see beyond their vanity to be able to give to others. (At least that's what I want to teach them from that experience.)
      Missing you!

  2. Awww so cute! I need a hair cut badly :P thanks for the reminder!

    1. Well, you know who to call! ;-) You should ask for sparkles too :-)

  3. You guys look beautiful!! (and handsome for Dan ;) )

  4. Beautiful for the ladies... super cool for Daniel! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I'm a little in short-hair shock (for me) but I am enjoying the change.


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