Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Her Golden Birthday

10 years old on June 10th - that makes it Ellie's Golden birthday this year!
Birthday celebrations in our family have morphed over the years. Parties with a few friends instead are now family outings.  A trip to the zoo, aquarium, or museum often costs the same (sometimes even less) than having a party, and it is such fun.

But this year, Ellie asked if she could have a party with a few friends.
Since it was her Golden Birthday, we agreed that a party would be perfect.  
But first...morning traditions

Birthday chair and gifts in the early morning - before those who must go off to work leave.

Ellie's favorite animal is an elephant.  I found this darling mama/baby elephant necklace.  
Kinda perfect!

One Gramma has always included in her birthday card to them the number of dollars for each year. 
It's a fun tradition.

I love to see their joy for another's happiness

. . . 

We decided that a 10 year old tea would be the perfect party.  We set to work getting everything ready.  I have mixed assortment of tea cups - mostly from my grandmother (my grandfather would often bring home a teacup and saucer from a foreign port for her.)

We kept the menu pretty simple: tea sandwiches (chicken salad and egg salad), scones (lemon poppy seed and gingerbread) with lemon curd and raspberry jam, fresh strawberries, and mini cupcakes.

As a little "thank you for coming" gift, we made molasses cookies and packaged them with a couple of bags of tea.

Ellie invited 10 special friends.

Sometimes Ellie even shares her special friend with me.  ;-)

No photos of the food...Hannah and I were too busy serving our guests.  (We thought that would be much easier than trying to pass food.)

My girl!

We made our version of Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.  It was put the tea cup under the tea.

Hannah had fun spinning the girls until they were dizzy!

After being spun, Ellie lifted Mary up so she could put her tea cup up, and Mary got it right on spot!

And even though she was the only adult guest, she was a good sport with all willingness and laughter.

Then gifts...

It was such a delightful afternoon.  I am thankful for the special friends that Ellie has.

Sarah was able to come for our family dinner.  I didn't realize how similar these two look!

Oh, and more dinner time talent.

Ellie chose tortellini soup for her birthday dinner with banana splits for dessert. 

Some things that mark her 10th year:
  • Favorite color - pink 
  • Favorite cookie - peanut butter chocolate chip
  • Favorite animal - Elephant... and octopus
  • Favorite pastime - Legos, drawing, or riding her bike.
  • Biggest desire - to have chickens 
  • Biggest struggle - her vision (tracking and reading)
  • Outstanding character quality - courage (she's not afraid of snakes or bugs) and compassion (she has a tender heart towards those who are hurting.)
Praying the Lord shows Himself more and more to her each day, and that her heart remains tender and receptive, growing in the knowledge of Him.



  1. Awww, she is so cute! And ... old!!! :'(

  2. Makes my cry seeing my little sisters grow up! Ellie has sure turned into an amazing young woman. I love my little elz bells. Was so fun to be there for her!

  3. Awww, wish I could have been one of Ellie's special friends :-)
    Happy birthday sweet girl and why does she look so stinkin' GROWN UP???
    love from CA

    1. I wish you could have been too. Tea parties with you are always fun. Can you say macaron?

      I'll be sure to hug Ellie from you. :-)

  4. How sweet what a fun party! And lots of neat gifts too! Money and special presents. Our daughter collected elephants. At one count we had over 200. I kept a bunch and decorated a Christmas tree for her last year and then she took them home. It was very special! Lot's of memories were shared as we looked at the tree! I'm glad she enjoyed her special party!

    1. Sherry,
      Aren't elephants the best? 200! Wow - that's some elephant love! :-) Your idea of having an elephant-filled Christmas tree sounds memorable and sweet.


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