Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I'm a list maker!  
Yeah, I am.
Lists make me happy.
Lists give me a sense of accomplishment
and satisfaction.  
Lists help me organize
my groceries
my chores
my errands
my thoughts.

I've even been known to make a list of who I am - 
what makes me - Me. 
Things I like
Things I don't
Things to put to prayer
Am I who I want to be?

I kind of had to do that again recently as I was feeling like a bit of a failure as a blogger. 
It would seem that I got on the Blogger band wagon a little on the late side.  The blogs that I enjoy reading the most are the ones that are real and transparent...personal. 
Their sites are not filled with ads and interruptions asking for me to subscribe.  They are simple, heart-felt posts.
About mothering
homemaking (gardening, crafting, etc.)

Those bloggers, for the most part, seem to not blog much any more.
Probably because blogging takes time.
Brainstorming ideas
Writing quality content 
Photos - which may require editing and watermarking.  

The Interwebs is a wonderful place to find information on just about anything - and there is likely a blog post about your query too.
Bloggers now fill their pages with SEO content to ensure traffic, 
Picture perfect photos with personalized watermarks, 
Creative graphics to grab your attention.
It's eye-catching and 
I totally admire them!

As a blogger, I think to myself - that since everyone else seems to be jumping on that trend, then I probably should too.  I don't want to be left in the dust.  
I want to be popular too. 
Pick me!  Pick me!  

It's not me.
Enter in my list of why I blog.
For my far-away family.  So they can see the kids' interests, how they are growing, and can feel connected and close despite the miles.
It's my creative space for journaling, where I can make a little sense out of the many swirling thoughts and emotions.
It's a bit of a portfolio - a place to show my photography and my progress as I strive to improve my skills.
To be a blessing to any outside readers by way of encouragement.

This list is mostly for me.  For me to remember Pur et Simple (Pure and Simple).
That I do best with simple.  
No clutter
No ads
No newsletters
No agenda

and another little list to self...
the kids grow up way too fast
engage with them every day 
each one
hug them
read to them
listen to them
don't let them remember you as a mom always in front of a computer or cell phone!

And in the words of Mr. Banks, "Let's go fly a kite!"

- Carol


  1. I really enjoyed this post ;) I can completely relate to this as I've been going through the same thought process the past couple months; which is also one of the reasons for my lack of posts. I feel like I'm hanging between two "styles" unsure of which I want to embrace. Its waaaay to complicated sometimes. But thank you for this encouragement to keep it simple, keep it real, and keep it focused on the reason you started blogging. :)

  2. This resonates with me. I hope to continue as well, though finding the time seems to be more difficult. Blogging doesn't have to be fancy and cutting edge to be meaningful. In fact, simplicity enables the meaning of words and pictures speak for themselves. Pur et simple...

    1. Katherine,
      Yours is one of my favorites to read! Of course your photographs are lovely, but what I really enjoy most is hearing your thoughts and what the Lord shows you. You are such a beautiful example of Proverbs 31 woman.
      Thank you for your encouragement. :-)


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