Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Saturday surprise

While riding his bike with his sisters along our dirt road today, Daniel spied something.
He first thought it was a huge slug.  (gross, I know, but we have banana slugs where we live, and they are big.)  
He stopped to investigate and discovered it was a frog - or this a toad?  

We've only ever seen little green tree frogs on our property.

It sat so still in the grass.  It was probably terrified.  The kids thought it might need some water. So Mary poured some on it.

The kids were fascinated by him.  

Even when Daniel picked it up, it didn't wiggle and squirm.

Rather than terrified, it seemed to be content.

It didn't jump away when being transferred either.

The kids put him by a little stream at the neighbors property.  They reported that it jumped in water with a big splash, 
 "He was happy." 

The best part of it all was just watching the wonderment on the children's faces.  
I know that when they ride their bikes again, they'll be looking for their new friend.  :-)



  1. I miss the chug-a-rum of old grandfather frog

  2. Remember that HUGE one Dad found?


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