Monday, March 28, 2016

One whole hand

This last week the baby of the family turned 5.

To some (maybe those early in their parenting journey?) five may not seem very significant. Not like others (10, 13, 16, etc.)  but for us... this one was full of melancholy.  
The baby - our baby - the last of our babies - is five.   
Do you remember when you were a kid, and on your birthday people would ask you if you felt any different? 

Well, this one feels different!  (Maybe not for Mary, but for Eric and me!)
While it's true we've been done with baby type things for a while, she seems like baby and big girl all rolled in one.  There are a few remnants of "little".  We are hanging on to those, relishing them a little longer. 

This girl!

She's goofy and fun.
She's kind and tender-hearted

She makes her bed like nobody's business.
She folds dish towels and matches socks from the laundry. 
She's quite a helper.

One whole hand!

She brings so much joy. 

She's uber adorable (if I do say so!)

and she looks soooo big! (at least to us)

Some favorites that make Mary, Mary:
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • Her favorite animal is a turtle (but she still loves kitty!)
  • Lately, each sunny day she can be found outside riding her bike.  (she really wants to be able to ride like the others - without training wheels. Maybe that's another reason why she seems so big - always wanting to do and be like the bigger kids.)
  • Cutest phrase: "Two thumbs way up!"  (when it's a dinner she really likes, or if she doesn't but is trying to convince herself. )
  • She wears mismatched p.j.s intentionally.
. . . 

On this rainy Easter Sunday afternoon, I am watching The Odd Life of Timothy Green.
It makes me even more mindful of the miracle of life.  The gift of parenthood.  I am ever so grateful for this privilege and the blessing of family that the Lord has given us.

- Carol


  1. Aw!! That babe is the cutest! =) Also, that movie! Aren't you glad I made you watch it? ;)

    1. Right?
      Um, yeah! That movie was so good!


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