Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Centennial Sk8 Festival '15

It has been dumping rain here lately.  D.U.M.P.I.N.G!  
But Eric had a skate race this last Saturday, and we went to cheer him on. 

Did you know that umbrellas make watching Daddy in the rain all the more fun?
It's true. 

There were several different events he could enter.  This was the 5K.


Even though the race was a 5K, he essentially skated a 10K because they skated from the finish up to the starting point, and then started the race heading towards the finish line.

He was undeterred by the rain, this man just loves to skate. 

Rain doesn't deter her either.

Eatin' some snacks, waiting for the race results.

Turns out he placed second for his division (men's 50+)
His time was 16:23 (That's pretty fast without the rain!)  
He usually skates a 6 minute mile so his race time made a new personal best for him.  :-)
I'm so proud of my @silverlongboarder.

I didn't even realize until I looked at the photos from the day that Hannah's pink polka dotted boots and my aqua boots match Mary's jacket and umbrella.  :-)

Watch the video - Eric is in the bright green helmet.

Since his other event (the one mile) wasn't until the evening, we found a local cafe for coffee and hot cocoa.  I headed home afterwards with the Littles, and Hannah stayed on with Eric.
It was all that an autumn day should be - rainy and chilly and blustery and so much fun. 


  1. It was lots of fun. Next year I hope to have Hannah and Dan race with me. If you watch the video you can see me do a demo powerslide just after the comment " I missed the slide jam"

  2. Eric! We're really looking forward to having you and the family back this year! We moved the date into September, so hopefully it will be a gorgeous weekend. But man were we W.E.T. last year! Oh, memories.


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