Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cali Vibes

When it comes to Cali I am a little biased.  Born and raised there, it will always be home.  It's familiar, and it's fun.  There is so much to see and do.  

Here are some of my favorite things that give it its unique Cali vibe...

They are the bomb!  

and coffee houses.  They are catching on to Pour-Overs.

People moving!
How I wish Washington would catch on to this!  See the "X" in brickwork in the middle of the street? When the light is "go" for pedestrians, traffic stops all ways allowing for crossing in the usual way or criss-cross in the X.   Considering the volumes of traffic that flow in the city streets, this is brilliant.
It's the details (like brick in the street) that give it charm and style.

Old and restored

(It's Walt Disney Hall - what else would you expect?)

Streamlined and modern

Fun places to eat!
There are endless choices of really good food, that burst with flavor.

From beach-town seafood

to iconic fast food burgers and fries

to trendy coffee bars (with full menus)

to upscale fine dining with outside seating options

I mean look at this amazing bookstore.

And this sweet shop called Sugarfina.
Talk about charming.  And while you may see this store pop up elsewhere in the country, I bet it is safe to say that it all started in California.

Palm Trees! 
Nuff said

The Beach!
Nothing, and I mean nothing screams California more than the beach! 

So there is a little bit of my Cali for ya.  

Scroll down for the best kept secret


It DOES rain in California 


  1. Looks like more fun than is possible. I'm SO GLAD you too were able to go and have a fun girl time!
    And um definitely yes to the convertible.

  2. Love your pictures. Makes me miss it... California's a pretty cool place...

  3. *sigh* that bookstore...its...its astounding!!!! I wouldn't leave for hours! Oh I'm so planning a trip just to go find bookstores!


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