Friday, July 3, 2015

Fab finds on the cheap

These are my recent dollar store finds
kneeling pads.
My knees will thank me when weeding the garden.

wrapping paper.
I use the plain brown paper all the time and just dress it up with pretty ribbon.  I like that it is thicker than regular wrapping paper.   They also have some brown paper that is printed.  This one makes for cute birthday paper or baby-girl baby shower paper. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest. 

I can collect lettuce and other veggies from the garden and put them inside the green one.  I can use the outside spigot to rinse them and drain the water (and the dirt) into the blue one. 

These puzzles are the best for little ones.  Only 24 pieces and self contained in a cute little tin.  It's a perfect stocking stuffer. 

seasonal cupcake papers.
for festive days!

How about you?  Do you ever shop at the Dollar Store?  What are your favorite finds? 

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