Friday, April 24, 2015

Life Lately...

 Hannah and I had a fun movie date one afternoon.
You know the story,  and this version is every bit as delightful. 

  Directed by Kenneth Branagh and music by Patrick Doyle how could it not be?
Lily James {Downton Abbey's Rose} ~ Cinderella,
Cate Blanchett ~ the stepmother
Helena Bonham Carter ~ the fairy godmother ... all perfect.
And the costumes!
We laughed, we cried.  We love happily ever afters! 
. . . . .
A fun dinner date with my Sweetie.

At Arnie's at the Mukilteo waterfront
I had a mixed green salad and their delicious seafood bisque.
{crab, bay shrimp and lingcod in a rich sherry-cream sauce.}
Eric had green coconut curry
{wok seared chicken breast, asian vegetables and spicy coconut curry, fresh mango and cashews} doesn't that sound fantastic?  It was.
 I even remembered to act like a foodie and take a photo of the food.  ;-)
. . . . .
Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest can be a little crazy. 
Sunny one moment, rainy another.
A warm, sunny Saturday found this little one picking flowers. 
Next thing I know,  the door bell rang.
"Mommy, I picked flowers for you."

. . . . .
Life long friends came for a day visit.  Such fun for them to catch up on all the goings-on.
Caleb missed out on this visit, sadly, but he and Eric were working together on repairing/rebuilding his transmission.  Caleb's been without a working car for almost a month.  It was good father-son time.
. . . . .
 I had a cookie making date with Ellie. 
We used the gluten free flour blend by Namaste {we bought it from Costco.}

. . . . .
We found a new {to us} t.v. series on DVD called Leverage.
It has its issues, but it's much more tame than shows like
Castle or Hawaii Five-0.
{We still don't "do" t.v., instead we use Netflix and the library
to check out movies or tv series.}
. . . . .
And the garden has been rototilled.  As much as we'd like to get started, our hardiness zone is 7B and last frost date 5/15.  It's hard not to get anxious to put seeds in the ground, especially when we've had some warm, sunny days {in the 70s!} 
Glad we haven't though... that Pacific Northwest crazy weather is cold again.
So that's life lately. 

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