Monday, December 15, 2014

For the love of Kitty

When Mary received this kitty for her 1st birthday, it was love at first sight.

It was soft, and fluffy, and white,

and squishy in all the right places to hug and to hold.

Mary has loved this kitty like no other and takes it everywhere.  EVER-Y-WHERE. 
It has had to have a couple of essential washes since she first got it.  That coupled with non-stop lovin' has left this kitty with a few bald spots, no whiskers, not much fluff, and wee bit of soil.
Mary sadly pointed out its bald spots to me and was quite worried.
She asked me to sew it up thinking that would fix it, but when I explained that Kitty wasn't ripped, but rubbed bare,  Mary was so sad.
When I was a little girl I had a favorite teddy bear and no matter how bare and worn out he was there was nothing that could replace him.  It was the same for Eric.  And have you ever read the Velveteen Rabbit?  Well, then you know you can't just replace a loved stuffed animal.
Still, knowing all this, Eric checked E-Bay and found one!
{retired TY Crystal}

Mary is so happy!
There will be no retiring of Old Kitty {ya think?...saw that one coming!}

because Old Kitty and New Kitty are best friends, of course,

and play peek-a-boo with Marsy.

and look exactly the same.
Old Kitty and New Kitty.

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