Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ever so thankful

My little daily reminder...
in ALL things...give thanks.
This is now even more poignant than ever.   
It's everyone's worst nightmare to receive one of  "those" phone calls.
This morning, I received one from Eric. 
As you know, Eric skateboards from the bus depot to his office every day, rain or shine.
He is a very experienced skater, but still he knows the dangers, so he wears his body armor, a helmet, and a light so he can be seen.
A driver, stopped at an intersection, didn't look both ways before she pulled out to enter into the busy commuter traffic, and hit Eric.
He is quite sore, but no broken bones, no concussion...or worse.
He is resting, here with us, at home. 
When Eric first called me, all he could tell me was that he had been hit by a car, and was in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital.  Which hospital, he didn't even know.
Immediately, I found my mind racing ~ going places it ought not go. 
Scripture was and is my biggest comfort.
....."Take every thought captive"....
2 Corinthians 10:5
* This is the day that the Lord made - even with this event.
Psalm 118:24
* God is sovereign and knows all the details.
Isaiah 46: 8-9
* God knows what He is doing and He is trustworthy!
Isaiah 55:8-9
Keeping one's thoughts is a definite act of the will, and it is not easy to
focus only on what I KNOW to be true.
Concern and worry were on the faces of the older children, the little ones broke down in tears as they feared the worst, but we prayed giving thanks to God.
God's Word instructs us to "Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
Tonight our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness.
Thankful for our great God.
Thankful for how He tenderly cares for us.
Thankful for His Word that guides us.
Thankful for answered prayer.
Thankful for more time,
for more gentle kisses,
for more tender I love you's.
Ever so thankful!
. . . . .


  1. How scary! So glad to hear your husband is okay! I love your little daily reminder. ♥

  2. A little note from you was such an encouragement. Thank you. 3>

  3. Thanking The Lord along side with you for protecting mr. B!!! Such good reminders ;)

  4. Oh my! Praise the LORD that Eric is ok! Yes, this is something to be VERY VERY thankful for!


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