Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Secretary

I was actually shopping for a small dresser, but when I saw this secretary desk I knew it would make a great little upstairs desk....a mini office ~ cheap, very functional, but UGLY.

Function alone isn't enough - we need beauty.  Beauty + utility = Beautility.

Compared to other secretary desks this one is kind of chunky and bulky so I thought a lighter color of paint would help.   I used chalk paint on this project.  It looks great.  I also used it on a coffee table, but honestly, it hasn't held up the way I need it to.  {It wasn't Annie Sloan's paint, so maybe that is why, or maybe we are just hard on our coffee table.}

There are so many ways to paint furniture.  I've tried spray paint, but that method is really smelly, usually takes 2-3 cans, and there can be spatter.  I've tried acrylic craft paint, but brush marks are obvious and it doesn't cover well - it's perfect for the Shabby Chic look.  Chalk paint is the new rage, but definitely needs the wax finish.
I decided not to use any of these methods, but used interior latex paint in a satin finish.  A sample size pint was $4.99 at my local Ace Hardware. 

This piece needed some thorough cleaning so Eric made up a solution of water and ammonia and used 00 steel wool to scrub off all the grime and oil.   He also removed all the hardware.  Since we were going from a dark to light, we decided to apply a base coat of a white sample we had on hand.  Using foam brushes instead of bristle brushes helps to lessen brush marks. 

We chose a light gray for the outside and a fun aqua/teal blue for the inside, the hardware, and the sides of the drawers.  
   I love the contrast of the hardware against the gray, and it gives a hint to the inside. 

The cubbies on the inside were a challenge to paint! 

Since this was going to be my little "office", Eric drilled some holes in the back for USB phone cords and my laptop cord.  The phones fit perfectly in the cubbies.  He's so clever.

And here it is. 


I'm tickled pink aqua blue!


  1. That is such a fun secretary deck, and I love the colors. Paint does wonders! :)

  2. That is so beautiful, Mrs. B!! It's so perfect for your laptop - can't wait to see it in person!! :D

    I've recently been painting myself! The door for my studio is *almost* done!

  3. LOVE IT!! What a great little find. I bet you feel so organized :-)

  4. I certainly do ~ and I smile at the aqua blue every time I open it! :-)


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