Monday, September 22, 2014

Random tidbit

You know how I adore vintage and retro stuff?
I came across these recently.  How's this for retro?
As a kid Eric did some modeling for Ford Modeling Agency. 
Yep, he's the baseball player.
This ad is circa 1970's.
. . .
I was an honorary bat girl for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 
My photo with then first baseman, Steve Garvey is circa 1970's too.
{You couldn't tell by my hair, could you?   ;-)  }

Bet you never knew that bit of trivia about us.  Random, I know.
. . .
I've just started going through boxes of photos in an attempt to get them more organized.  Notice, I said, "more organized".  It's a huge, overwhelming project, so my goal is small.   Of course, anything would be an improvement over the "dumped in a box" method I have going now.  

I laugh at how many bad pictures I took, but there was no way to know how they looked before they were developed, so in hopes to send copies in letters to far off relatives, I even ordered DOUBLES.   


But the upside of going through old photos is all the smiles and laughter it brings.
Big hair, crazy fashion, sweet memories and really cute kids!


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