Friday, September 5, 2014

Plan B {as in Beans}

Just about the time I think we are ready to start school ...
Here I am, in the midst of books, curriculum, and other supplies, busily trying to get organized when I get a call from a friend, "Green beans are ready and they are loaded if you'd like to come pick." 
Picking was quick. 2 big buckets full in about 45 minutes. 
Then there is the snapping.  That's not so quick.
{For this batch I actually lined up handfuls and cut them into pieces with a knife.}
Thankfully, Hannah helped a lot too.
I was able get 19 jars canned from that picking.  I had already done a couple other pickings/cannings.  We have plenty of green beans to last us until next season.  :-)
Canning is hard work.  It equates to long hours on your feet, cutting, or pitting, or blanching, or paring, or peeling, or snapping in a hot and sticky kitchen.  Honestly, it's exhausting, and sometimes I wonder if it is worth the effort.

But some evening in the future, when I serve these with dinner and everyone raves at how good they taste, and I remember that they was FREE.  I know I will be quite happy and thankful that I took the time for plan B.

I had hoped to be a little better prepared with my lesson plans, but we shall start school on Monday anyway.  {Just in time for pears and apples!}


  1. Just remember all the fun memories you have with your daughters canning all the food every year ;)

  2. Do you add garlic to all your green beans? I haven't done that but it sounds pretty brilliant!

    1. Yes, I add 1 peeled clove of garlic and 1 tsp. of salt for each quart. They are yummy!


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