Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Finale

Summer just isn't summer without a visit to the beach!
With summer quickly coming to an end, we took a quick trip to the seashore.
Beach weather is unpredictable, but especially so in the Northwest. 
  Sunny, cold, cloudy, warm, windy, foggy? 

It really doesn't matter to our family because our love for the beach runs deep.
We thoroughly enjoyed doing all our favorite things.

 We collected treasures.

{This shell looks like a butterfly.}

{There were lots of jelly fish - EEK!- Matthew scooped this one up in our bucket.}

We laughed

and played.

Some Skimboarded
 {Dan got the hang of it and is now hooked.}

while others surfed.
{That's my "Silver Surfer"!}

We built a little fire on the sand with scraps of wood we found along the beach, and roasted s'mores at sunset.

The clouds rolled in so we couldn't actually see a sunset.  {sad!}

We like this beach for so many reasons.  
It's walking distance from the cottage. {Convenient if we forget something.}
You can drive on the beach. {Easier with surfboards!}

At low tide, there are puddles to play in.  Because they are shallow, the water in them is warm...relatively.


One day we got adventurous and tried a new beach.

The cliffs were covered in tall evergreens, rugged and beautiful.


There were tide pools.  The kids had a great time exploring and finding crabs and anemone.

What's this?  Meriwether and William?

Just goofy Caleb and Matt.

One day it was so windy that we packed up our gear, and played in town instead.
Unbeknownst to us, this town was the ending destination of a relay race.   It was over-the-top crowded and nearly impossible to find a parking space. 

"Was is worth it?"
"I don't know, still trying to decide."
A carousel ride and a bags of salt water taffy.   Mission accomplished.

Our time at the coast was relaxing and refreshing. It was just what we needed before we begin schooling again.

 . . . . .





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