Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Mattmobile

At the end of June, Matthew closed one chapter of his life.  While the next chapter holds some of the same {CLEP testing} it also holds new things like his first job and his first car. { maybe even his own blog ;-) } 
He has some employment options, but he is carefully praying and considering the direction he should go. 
He's also been looking/shopping for a car for several months.  There are some specific features it must have which has made the selections slim.
Matt is in a catch-22.  He needs a car to get to the job, but he needs the job to pay for car expenses.
Look what Matthew bought last night!

A Mitsubishi Montero Sport.  It's fully loaded and a dream to drive.

After a thorough exam and a thumbs-up from Dad, Dead Presidents and their friends were exchanged for car keys and title. 
As daylight gave way to dusk, down the road Matthew drove alone in his new car

I think he was beginning to feel like he'd never find a car.  I would remind him that the Lord had him waiting for a reason.  {building faith, trust, patience ~ most likely.}

Matt feels blessed beyond measure with what God provided for him. 

Funny story.
Early this morning as Abbie waved good-bye to Dad, she saw Matt's car in the driveway and exclaimed, "OH! Matthew's new car." Then she thoughtfully looked at me and said, "Mom can we have cold cereal for breakfast? And can Matthew go to the store to get it?"

Errands have never been so fun!  I bet he might even take the scenic route.


  1. Oh. Wow. THIS IS SO AWESOME MATTHEW!!! I love it so much. It looks the the perfect mix between being really efficient and tough as well as cool and nice looking. Maybe someday I'll ride in it. (Are you a less-scary driver than Caleb.. lol, just kidding.) Oh, and I want a link when that blog arrives. (Because make one you shall.)


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