Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lady bugs and turtles and

I recently bought a bucket of glow-in-the-dark fuse beads for the girls.  I also found these cute little kits for $1.  I thought the beads would be a fun activity for them to do this summer when the days are too hot or rainy. 
Little did I know that my stash would be used so immediately.

Ellie is working on a lady bug.

Abbie is working on a turtle.

Mary Anne is just... working.

We decided that fixing our old, tired family car wasn't worth it with as many miles as it had.  For now we are a one-car family and it mostly works with a little forethought and preparation.  But, without a family car, we all can not go to church.  I stayed home one week with the little girls and brought these beads out for something to do.  It was perfect timing to have something new and interesting for them. 

  I know they make "Biggie Beads" which are exactly the same - only bigger. {Fancy that.} 
They would be better for Mary Anne, but there weren't any in stock when I was there.
 At any rate, it's a great activity for fine motor skills ... and patience.
~ ~ ~
I've been looking around our home for things to sell on Ebay or Craig's List.
Partly for adding to the car fund, but also just to thin out and organize.
We spent a day organizing the garage and WOW!  We could actually park a car in there.
 Nice timing.   ;-)
I had this old, dark, wooden end table that a friend gave us years ago.
I forgot to take "before" pictures, but here it is in progress.
It's amazing what some paint can do to give a whole, new, updated look! 
The white makes the curvy lines of the legs stand out.  It's so much cuter now, and it isn't even finished yet.
Another item that is going to get a face lift is this light fixture.
I am going to paint everything that is brass this beautiful shade of aqua blue.

{ Is there any shade of aqua blue that isn't beautiful? }
Eric had the splendid idea of hanging it in our milk room. 
Love that idea!
Who says even our humble milk room can't have a fun style?

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  1. I MUST see that chandelier once its finish! Its going to be so cute and fun!


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