Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life lately

This is my new favorite, no-fuss dinner. 
Pork or beef roast covered in your favorite BBQ sauce. 
{This one from TJ's is mine.}
 After it has cooked on low all day and made the house smell absolutely heavenly,
shred this flavorful meat, then serve over baked sweet or regular potatoes. 
... ~ ...

Heading up to the house after some farm chores.
They adore their big brother!
... ~ ...

I had the Littles collect some rocks for me.  I want to use them as garden markers. I still need to wash them, but when they are dry, I'll have them paint them solid colors and I'll add the words. 

 ... ~ ...
Matthew just tilled our garden again and it is ready for planting. 
... ~ ...
The blueberry bushes are very happy this spring.
 Once they start bearing fruit, I hope we'll get to the berries before the birds.

...~ ...
Daniel found a little friend. 

Can you see him jumping away?... yep, the green blurry thing.
Daniel went to point at him and away he jumped.

I can't help but marvel at God's design. 
That frog is EXACTLY the same color as the grass.

... ~ ...
Kanapaali is three weeks old already.  

This kidding season was different from others, giving us yet another learning curve.   In the past we have bred two goats.  This season we only bred one.   Often Kinders birth multiples, but in the event that one would only kid with a single, there were the other babies from the other goat.  Once we separate the babies away from the mamas, they have each other for company.
Poor little Paali is all alone.

Goats thrive being together, but integrating a new little one into the herd is hard to do without Mom nearby to protect her and show her what to do. 

She wasn't taking to the bottle well.  Our goats are very friendly and tame, but they wanted nothing to do with this new little "thing".  She was so lonely.  Thankfully, we noticed early on that she wasn't thriving after being separated from Mom.  We decided to put her back with Mom during the day.  They are both very happy and Paali is adjusting so much better now.

It was so nice to enjoy some time outside in the sunny weather.  We've had so much rain, and NOT just sprinkles or drizzle.
... ~ ...
We are still plugging along with school studies too.  Some subjects are just pages away from being finished, while others still have a bit more to go.  It's hard to stay focused this time of year.  I think all of us are anxious to enjoy some free time...picnics in the sunshine, new places to explore.  It's coming soon, just a little bit more.

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  1. I agree! Its hard to keep focused on school when the sun is starting to show his face. :D I really enjoyed this post, it was nice to get a peak into what you've been doing lately. :) Your garden looks beautiful! It makes me want to go walk in it with bare feet!


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