Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Sweetheart Birthday

Not another Valentine birthday, but MY sweetheart's birthday was yesterday. 

So in keeping with our tradition ~ A special birthday chair...
See it in the background, behind the gifts?

Opening gifts before he heads off to work...
{Because you never know if there might be something you will need for the special day ahead.}

See what I mean?  A loaded gift card from our favorite latte stand along with dark chocolate covered espresso beans - a MUST for the day.

His special dinner...
Lasagna with salad.

And birthday pecan pie.

Things you probably know about Eric:
He's a surfer, a farmer, a skateboarder, a hunter, and a high-tech geek.  

Things you might not know about Eric:
He enjoys tinkering, he collects stickers, he walks really fast,  he multi-tasks very, very well, and he is a great cook. 

Things I'd want you to know about Eric:
He's brave, and bold, and honest, and caring, and self-less. 

And after 25 years, his kisses still melt my heart!

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