Friday, January 17, 2014

Farm Girl Friday...Dogs

Every farm needs a farm dog.  Really, it does.

They are really quite helpful.
Have you ever thought about all the jobs a farm dog does?

They herd livestock {Think Babe}

They protect {Think Rin Tin Tin}

They offer companionship {Think Lassie}

They let you know when you have visitors {Think Old Yeller}

and...they all WORKED on farms.

This was our farm dog. His name was "Killer".  Just kidding, it was Otis.  
He was fun-loving and sweet.  While he didn't rate high for herding or protecting,  he was a great companion {think every where Caleb was, Otis was there too.} and he always let us know when we had visitors.  {"Oh people, I just love people!"} 

He was THE BEST dog EVER!
Even though it's been over a year since we lost Otis, we all miss him a lot.  
Our house is just not the same.   

I grew up with one of these...his name was Socrates.

 Eric grew up with one of these...her name was Bug.

Some of the kids would like one {or two} of these...

I want one of these...

Isn't he so cute? I mean, really!! 
The idea has grown on Eric and the others now too.
As it turns out bulldogs are much like pugs in disposition and personality, they are just bigger.  

Our farm NEEDS a bulldog, don't you think? 

We even came up with a name. 
Now we just need the dog. 

But who knew that these dogs come with a hefty price tag?!  
We want a pure bred, but we do not want to show him.  We just want a sweet, lovable family companion again.  If you know any bulldog breeders who are willing to negotiate price, please, please, please let me know in the comments section.  


How about you?  What kind of dog do you have...or want? 

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