Friday, December 27, 2013

Blooms? !

I bet if I asked you to name a Christmas plant you would answer with Poinsettia, but did you know that there is such a thing called a Christmas cactus? 

Last year when I went to a mini family reunion, my cousin offered cuttings from her plant.  The fun thing was that her Christmas cactus was from cuttings taken from a great aunt's plant from many years ago. 

I loved the idea.  I would remember our fun time with family every time I saw the plant, but I was skeptical.  I don't have a green thumb, but I took the cuttings and wrapped them in wet paper towel and a plastic sandwich baggie.   Would it survive my trip home?  Could I even get it through airport security?  Would it survive in my home? 
The day after I got home, I went out and bought a large terra cotta pot, filled it with some garden soil, and put the cuttings into the dirt about 1" deep. I then tried to find the perfect spot in the house for it. 

The very cool thing about Christmas cacti is that they bloom with beautiful pink flowers right around Christmas time.  My plant is doing well and growing.  It has tripled in size, but still hasn't bloomed.

Recently, when family came to visit us, when they were in town for the wedding, they graciously brought us a Christmas cactus and it was in bloom! 

Isn't it so pretty?   

Generally, they are a bit picky about water {not too much, not too little}.   So far, so good, I have managed to not kill my original one.  :-)   I can't wait for it to bloom too.

These plants are my little reminder.
I am thankful for family,
fond memories, and
God, the creator of so many beautiful things.

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  1. Ooh, those are so pretty! That's fun to have it bloom in the middle of the winter! I admit, I have never heard of a Christmas Cactus. ;)


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