Saturday, December 7, 2013

And so it goes

Each year the young children ask for colored lights.  Eric prefers those.  The older children, me included, prefer white lights.  So, the winner {colored or white } is usually the one with the most strands that work.  

Sarah was the one who was always willing to painstakingly check all the Christmas lights, and find/replace all the dead bulbs.   Our lights were old and tired.  

This year we bought some new lights that we found at Costco.   These LED lights are pretty slick because you can set them to be all white, all colored, or to change between the two. Yay, everyone is happy.  They don't blink, but just fade from one to the other. 

I bought four sets.  Matthew and I decided we would get all the lights on so that when Eric came from work on Friday evening, all of us would be able to trim the tree as a fun family activity.  

We got three of the strands strung up quite nicely.  As we were working with the fourth, a portion of it went dead.  We discovered a section of disconnected wire.  

Oh nice.  

Since we decided that experiencing a Christmas tree fire would not be something we'd enjoy, we decided that returning/exchanging the lights was best.  So our Christmas tree decorating came to a screeching halt for the night.  

Bright and early this morning, Eric and I headed to Costco.  Can I just tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say that there were NO parking spaces at Costco today {Saturday}, AND - there were no more of these lights either.  We actually found 1 lonely box of white LED lights so we snatched those up.  They don't connect to other strands the same way that the changlings do, so we had to start all over, removing the three strands, beginning with the white LEDs, and then adding back on the others.  You'd never know though, because we just set the changlings to be continuous white lights.  I told you they were slick! 

We had such fun trimming it tonight. 
 {Caleb's favorite fat cat}

{Hanners and Maresies}

 {The Jammie Kids}

TA DA ~ what do you think? 


  1. Where is the little glass angel holding the star in her hands??!?!?!?! She should be on the top of the tree!

  2. She is there, she is just dwarfed by the other branches. :-)

  3. It's gorgeous!!! Colored lights would have been pretty cool, but white lights are always the best!


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