Friday, November 1, 2013

Say "YES"!

I don’t usually do posts with a political flavor, not because I am not passionate about issues, but because I am not confident in my articulation of the facts or my thoughts.  However, I feel I must say something about the upcoming election in Washington state, specifically about I-522.   This is the initiative about labeling food that is GMO.

What is GMO?  It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. 

That should raise an eyebrow.  Let’s say it again.  Genetically modified.

The original intent of Monsanto was to inject the fruit/vegetable/grain seed such that it became distasteful to pests, thereby needing less pesticide use.  Sounds good, right? Great in theory, BUT...  it’s not going the way they intended.  {But why would the top manufacturer of pesticide want that anyway?}

Studies have shown that a diet filled with foods that are GMO wreak havoc on the immune and reproductive systems.  Hmmm, bees gather pollen from these plants.  Is it any wonder they are suffering from colony collapse disorder? 

Studies also show how depleted the soils are from essential nutrients.  Farmers who have bought into the promise of bigger/better yields are in a vicious cycle of chemical reap and rape.  And now they are stuck because they can’t afford to have small yields, which would be the result if they stop using the chemicals and GMO crops until the soil was replenished in a healthy way.

I firmly believe that when you start monkeying with what God created to make it “better” {HELLO – better than the Creator of the universe could do?}  You are in for trouble.   There is a delicate balance between plants and bugs and it is necessary.   

So, why am I telling you this? 

Big Agriculture is there to make money.  They spend big money too.  They make it sound like it will be such a hardship on the consumer if labeling is required as food prices will go up in order to cover the cost of labeling all food that is GMO.

Eyebrow raise #2.   If the cost is so great, then there must be A LOT OF FOOD to label.
{and that’s what we are eating without knowing it!}  
They don’t mention, however, the cost of increased medical expenses for health issues resulting from a diet laden with GMO foods.

I want to have the choice!  I have the right to know how it is grown and where my food comes from.  Then, I the consumer, can choose which food I’ll buy.  Perhaps that is what they {Big Ag., Monsanto} are afraid of….that people won’t want FRANKEN-FOOD!!!

DON’T BE FOOLED… Vote in favor of labeling food.
{Even if you live elsewhere, but have a similar measure on your ballot.}



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  1. Oh yeah. I couldn't vote cause I registered too late, but I want to know whats in our food!!!


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