Monday, October 7, 2013

Pinch me....part 1

8 days in paradise. 8 glorious days in MAUI!
To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Eric and I planned to visit Maui completely unplugged.  No smart phones, no lap tops, we didn't even rent a car.  The beach was our play ground. 
Our little slice of heaven on earth.
Just the two of us.
"Just the two of us" does pose a slight problem.  How do you take a really nice camera to the beach, when you plan to both be in the water?
You buy a tiny waterproof camera from WOOT for about $50. 
It took pretty good pictures, and it fit perfectly in Eric's swimsuit pocket.
I don't have tons of pictures because we were busy living IN the moment instead of photographing it, but I'll share a few with you.
Day 1
A sight for sore eyes

 First stop...THE BEACH
Plumeria smells so sweet, and the warm breeze carries the scent everywhere!
Sitting outside at dinner.
Sunset at Kaanapali Beach
P.S.  Ignore the date stamp on the photos... we didn't realize it was wrong until a couple of days later.
Soaking up the tropical sun.  Aaahhh

Royal Lahaina's luau - "Myths of Maui"

God is an amazing artist, don't you think?
Giving our pink skin a little break, we took the bus to Lahaina.  We shopped and walked, and walked, and shopped.  We ate lunch at Lahaina Fish Company, a great place overlooking the water.  We met a nice couple from Belmont Shores, CA {our old stomping grounds} and they bought us lunch.  How cool is that! 
{"You have 8 kids at home - we're buying you lunch"}
The Banyon tree in Lahaina 

 Eric got so many comments about his shirt because there is a farm on the island called Surfing Goats.   They sell their chevre to all the area restaurants.  Their cheese is featured on many salads.
DAY 4  
Paddle boarding

a great way to work on your tan.

A different view of our hotel.

In the pool.
 DAY 5  

Eric catching a wave

waiting for the next set

Isn't the water amazing?  It's clear as can be, then the most beautiful shade of turquoise, then deep azure blue.  EYE CANDY for us for sure! 


  1. FINALLY! A post about Maui!! You two look like you had so much fun! I'm glad you made it. I love the pictures!

    1. I know, right?
      It was beyond amazing. Thinkin' we should return in about 3 years ... start saving your pennies!


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