Friday, October 11, 2013

My special day

On the heels of our amazing Maui trip, came my birthday.  We decided to spend a fun filled day at the Anderson Family Farm Fall Festival.  The best part was that ALL of us could go.   I know that getting days off from work isn't easy and I was extra blessed that my older kids requested the day off to celebrate with me.  That was a gift in itself!

We listened to Lamplighter's The Wanderer audio drama on the way.  A good story to listen to and beautiful scenery to admire makes for a nice drive. 

One could not have asked for better weather for the day.  It was warm and sunny with not even a hint of a breeze, not even later in the afternoon, when typically the wind can really pick up.  Picture perfect!

This year, they added a few new activities.  This Apple Sling Shot (think Angry Birds) was a hit!

through the window panes on the door
Dan's turn

Eric gave it a shot too

Donut bobbing is always a hit with the Littles, though not easy.

Two new little doelings joined their farm recently.

Life long friends...from boys to men!

The favorite, most requested...the goat train.

A field full of pumpkins for the pickin'

Grace's Amazing cupcakes

Mary Beth serving out their delicious pumpkin chili
{with hot dog, chips and, a drink - great deal!}
Their beautiful products to sample {and buy because you will LOVE them}

The Obstacle Course

Toss your apple into a bucket of water...a little harder than it looks.
Matthew and Hannah were part of the "fill in" crew. 
{Appropriate black and white attire required - so guests know who is part of the crew}
Sarah hadn't planned on it, but she is so good with animals that her expertise was requested.


 A great way to get your Instagram pictures!
A Daddy/Daughter moment
The Hosts of the show....Rick & Kimberlee Anderson
A beautiful day, a beautiful birthday!
P.S. Is anyone else having compatibility issues with Windows 8 and Blogger?





  1. It always looks like a blast when you visit their farm! Happy birthday, so glad you could celebrate it in such a fun way!

    I do not know much about windows 8 (since I have windows 7) but I do know it fell pretty flat. Everyone hates it, and Microsoft is scrambling to fix certain things (their forcing updates on people, haha). I know three people who have it and two of them are constantly having problems, so! I wouldn't be surprised if its acting up for you and affecting blogger. I'm sorry it is though .. Maybe google it and see what other people's suggestions are? Since I'm sure everyone's got tips everywhere to help with the constant Windows 8 Problems =D

  2. It was so much fun to enjoy that day with you! I love you so much Mama! <3


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