Monday, September 16, 2013

The scenic route = different, but not slower

Even though Matthew completed his high school education last spring (2013) there weren't any other peers at church who were also graduating.  (That could be because he finished while still just 16.). There are, however, quite a few graduating this coming spring.  A combined celebration is planned, and he is very excited to be a part of that. 

A sweet friend, who has a terrific eye behind the camera recently took his "senior pictures".  It was fun to tag along.  I took a couple of shots with my phone. 

So what does one do with an early graduate? Matt will spend this school year CLEPping to earn college credit.  He recently took his first exam (Interpretation of literature) and passed, earning him 6 credits. WOOT WOOT!  (only 114 more credits to go for his bachelor's degree.)  Incidentally, we are also looking for a banjo teacher...and not just You Tube.


  1. How exciting! I think it's so cool when people graduate early! I'm actually hoping to finish school a year early, Lord willing. =) The snapshots shown here promise great senior pictures! My sister is starting that process also. =)

    I'm so sorry you're all sick! I hope you get better soon! I missed you and Hannah a lot yesterday. =) Hopefully the boys relayed that message already though. =D

  2. Good job Hobbs! Sweet photos too. :) -Owen


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