Sunday, September 1, 2013

It doesn't hurt to ask

Have you ever purchased something that broke not long after you bought it?  Disappointed at your loss, you respectfully ask for a replacement, hoping they'll honor your request. 
Well, let me tell you a very, very cool story.

On our recent trip to Disneyland, Daniel bought a talking Buzz Light Year.  He had talked about this particular toy constantly before our trip; how much he liked it, and how that would be THE souvenir he would buy.  He saved all his money in order to do so.  
He was overjoyed with his purchase.  Since that day Buzz has been with Dan just about everywhere.  In his free time, that was the toy that he played with.

Recently, while Dan was playing with him Buzz met with an unfortunate event.  His arm broke off.  
Daniel was crushed.  Being his favorite toy, he took very good care of him.  It also took him quite a while to save up the money to buy him, and it was THE souvenir from his first trip to Disneyland.

Since Eric can fix just about anything, I tried to calm and comfort Dan by saying, "Let's wait until Dad comes home from work and see if he can fix him."   That night Eric was greeted at the door by a young boy with a tear stained face, but hope in his heart. 

Taking a good look at the broken piece, Eric determined that he could not fix it, but he suggested to Dan to write a letter to Disneyland and respectfully ask them if they would replace it.   

The next day, Dan got out notebook paper and pencil and wrote a letter in his best penmanship.

He included the receipt and a picture of the broken parts.  {Eric actually scanned it all and sent it in an e-mail to Customer Service.}

Within 48 hours, Eric received an e-mail addressed to Daniel.  They were apologetic and sympathetic and delighted to replace his prized toy.

Within 1 week, Daniel received his replacement talking Buzz Light Year! 


Daniel learned some important things. 
  1. It never hurts to respectfully ask! 
  2. Dads are super smart. {He already knew that, but was reminded by this event.}
  3. Disneyland truly wants every experience with them to be a dream come true.  


  1. I just cried reading this. How amazing! God is so good! Love you Dan! ~Big Sis

  2. That's like the best story I've heard all week! That's so amazing and great that they replaced it. =)

  3. That's so cool! One time at Disneyworld, I purchased a photo album to put our trip pics in (it was Brady's make a wish trip). I accidentally left it on the counter when I purchased it (I know, DUH). Nevertheless, I contacted them and they sent me one in the mail. Disney is known for their great customer service and there's a reason for that. Yay for Dan and the lesson he learned!!

  4. Wow, that is something he will always remember. How neat!


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