Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old School

Look who got a new toy.

This is one of Eric's favorite things to do.

Sidewalk surfing is second only to ocean surfing.

Eric has skated since he was a young boy.  He even competed for a while.   It's so fun to watch him, not only because he looks so natural on his board, but because he gets LOTS of looks. 

Living in the country has its many perks, but the long work-day commute and smooth, paved roads are not on the list.

After sitting on the commuter bus for over an hour, he is ready to move.  He used to walk 1-1/2 miles from the bus stop to his office building - now he carves his way there.  His backpack is NOT light.  He's getting a nice little daily work out.


The coolest thing about it is that work, in an effort to motivate its employees, reimburses for fitness equipment!  Yep, this Sector Nine long board with Gull Wing trucks, Cloud Nine wheels, and Swiss Speed bearings was covered 100%. 





  1. Did you know that 30 minutes of Skateboarding burns 133 Calories?! Go Dad!!! I still ride my board thanks to your amazing teaching!

  2. Wow! Haha! That is very awesome :) -Owen


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