Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cali - Day 4 - The Wedding!

About 2 weeks before the wedding it rained! 
Then the week before the temperatures hit the hundreds. 
The day of the wedding was beautiful.
It was sunny, clear and just about 80 degrees. 

Everything about this wedding was so lovely.  The décor was simple and sweet.   
A tender father-son moment. 
 Karen, mother of the groom - not losing a son, but gaining a daughter.

The Bride's mother , Luci being escorted by her son.

The sister of the groom, Emma with Nick a special friend of the family.

What a darling way to include two younger brothers and a younger sister!

Here comes the Bride - Beautiful Stephanie with her father.

I'm not sure you can tell in this shot, but there are tears in Drew's eyes.

Kind of hard not to cry when the groom cries!  Just sayin'.

Her father giving away his precious daughter.

Their first kiss.

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Harasick!

Two days before the wedding, Rich and Karen celebrated their 26th anniversary!
A most cherished friendship of 29 years!

My young men.

My young ladies

My handsome husband...and best friend!

They had Perrier, root beer, and Coke all in bottles on ice in galvanized tin tubs.  Super cute.
Dinner was included and catered by In-n-Out Burger!!! 
I forgot to snap pictures of that because I was too busy enjoying and licking my fingers. 

Some things that I thought were fun and unique to their special wedding day were... 
~ The wedding party entered to the theme song from Princess Bride.
~ They had just a personal wedding cake for the two of them and dessert bar for everyone else.    
~ The Bride and Groom sat at a little bistro table for just the two of them.  So romantic! Since the wedding party was only family, the two families shared a table.
~ White lights lit up the area after the sun went down.  

We were so honored to be invited and privileged to witness this beautiful union!!
Drew and Stephanie - May 18, 2013
...and they lived happily ever after!

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  1. How beautiful!! I love simple gorgeous weddings - and it looks like this one was just that!


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