Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cali - Day 2 - Disneyland or Bust!

When you grow up in California, you take some things for granted - Disneyland is one of those things. When you are a local, it's as natural to go to Disneyland for the day as it is to drive to the beach to watch the sunset.  I've probably been to Disneyland 25-30 times, but you never gets old.  Disneyland is just magical. 

I think Eric and I were just as excited to go as the children were!  California Adventure and Downtown Disney are new additions since we lived in Southern California.  It would be super fun do the 3 day-both parks option, but we decided to just enjoy Disneyland in a day on this trip.   

That said, it can be done {(I know, because I've done it}, but you have to move at a pretty quick pace all day long to be able to see and do everything.  Our plan - get there when it opened at 10 am and leave when it closed at 9 pm. 

We left the condo just before 9 am.  We arrived at Disneyland at 10 am!  We made GREAT time.
We chose to go on Thursday because typically it isn't as busy as the weekend.  What we didn't expect were all the high school seniors to have a day at Disney.  It was pretty crowded despite our planning, but the weather was perfect. 

Downtown Disney is located outside both parks.  It's loaded with shopping and dining options, and free to walk through.  We browsed for a little while in some of the shops that the older kids wanted to look in.  It was pretty smart in theory because the bulk of the crowd was at the park entrance gates.  But in the back of my mind I kept thinking about the limited time we had.  Sadly, I think I rushed the kids' shopping, but I just wanted so badly for them to see and do everything!

{At the Lego Store in Downtown Disney}
{Ellie with Minnie on Main Street}
{Abbie with Minnie of Main Street}
The first ride we went on was the Jungle Cruise.  It was just how I remembered it, punny tour and all.  The Indiana Jones ride was a hit.  Dumbo was fun too {though I'm not sure that Mary thought so}

Lots of long lines and distance to cover makes for the Fast Pass a great new trick.  You use your admission ticket to get a reserved time slot to return to the ride and get right on with little to no wait. Someone was thinking!
Sadly, I don't have photos of the Olders on the Matterhorn or Space Mountain since they split up from us to be able to go on them.
Each themed area of the park is done with such detail.  Even the shops and food concessions in those areas are done up to suit that theme!  I just love that! 
{Dan just outside the Haunted Mansion in the French Quarter}
We enjoyed Mickey Mouse Eskimo pies {you know the vanilla ice cream bar on a stick dipped in chocolate that the shape of Mickey Mouse, of course.}  
The "princesses" were happy to see the castle. {Well, at least 2 out of 3 were ;-) }
At the end of the day, it was a bit of a scramble to squeeze in the last minute ride and souvenir shopping.  Eric and I took the four Youngers on Small World.  That was their FAVORITE!  It was dusk when we started the ride and when we came out on the other end, it was dark, but the fa├žade was all lit up.  Magical, I tell you, Disneyland is just magical.

Prior to our trip, the kids had been working hard to earn to some spending money to be able to buy something special from Disneyland.
All three little girls chose a plushie. {Mary -Pluto,  Abbie - Pascal from Tangled, Ellie - Baby Dumbo} Dan chose a noisy 12" tall Buzz Lightyear.  {He's such a BOY!} The older kids chose hoodies - each different, but perfect. 

 {Me and my very best friend!}
Day 2 of our "California Adventure" - An amazing day at Disneyland!   I think I heard some plans being made for a future road trip!


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  1. It just looks dazzling! So exciting for you guys to experience that. (Or again, from what it sounds like for you!!) I see you actually found a 'Disney character person', if that's what you want to call them. =) Looks like everyone had a b.l.a.s.t!


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